There are Other Animals at the Zoo Besides Gorillas

Finney didn’t eat well this morning, plus he seems to be hanging around the water bowl, which is never a good sign. I have to get him to the vet. Plus, my doctor didn’t call me back yesterday and I still have to double-check this weird vision thing, although I’m not overly concerned about that. I’m sure it was an ophthalmic migraine.

And I have to get to the gym, I haven’t been since Saturday, I have to work on my book edits, answer my email, call the dentist about mailing a check, track down my UPS package, practice my choir pieces. In other words, I’m feeling very stressed out. Mostly by concern for Finney. If the cats aren’t alright, life is not alright.

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “There are Other Animals at the Zoo Besides Gorillas

  1. I hope Finney is doing fine. i know exactly what you mean by “if the cats aren’t alright, life is not alright.”
    I also get eye migraines (also known as ocular, opthalmic or vision migraines.) I sometimes get jagged, prismatic areas of light travelling slowly across my field of vision. More commonly, I get what I once described to my opthamologist as “peoples’ heads disappearing.” He calmly said “Oh, an eye migraine.” I have never had an eye health care professional express concern over them, nor offer any treatment. I would still get it checked out just to be sure but I’m sure you’re fine. You won’t be surprised to hear that they can be brought on by stress!

  2. Stacy, Finney has a very attentive mother. I am sure he will be fine. Could it be allergies? There was a news report that ragweed was the worst it had been nationwide this year. My dog has allergies. Do you have a window open anywhere? I will be thinking about you and Finney and Buddy!!

  3. Thank you Nora and Carol for the concern for Finney, who is curled up with me now and seems okay.

    That heads disappearing thing sounds terrifying!!

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