New York City Gets Ready For Its Favorite Holiday

I was walking home from new sneaker buying when I saw this line of people lining up on Broadway to buy costumes. That’s Grace Church on the right, where my choir sings. Pretty amazing line there.  Also amazing is how last minute these people are.  It’s the day before Halloween!!

Fuck.  I just remembered.  I want a pumpkin pie. Where am I going to get a decent pumpkin pie? One by one my favorite bakeries have closed down while the worst one persists, with an assist from Sex and the City. Sorry bakery, no offense.  What can I say?  I liked the place on Hudson better.  And Little Pie Company.  Damnit.  

These crows are on Perry Street, a block from me.  I’m seeing a lot more decorating this year.  I wonder why that is.  End times sign?  Or the beginnings of joy because a smart guy is going to be president soon?  I saw Obama on tv yesterday discussing with easy intelligence some finer points of the constitution.  Couldn’t imagine McCain or Palin talking this way. Anyway, I was photographing one house and the guy told me to come back tomorrow because they put up their best deocorations on Halloween itself and what I was seeing was only a preview. Maybe I should just walk around with my camera today.

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2 thoughts on “New York City Gets Ready For Its Favorite Holiday

  1. I think a frozen Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pie found at the grocery store is the next best thing to homemade. You just put in the oven and you have a hot pie in a hour or so.

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