I Can’t Believe I Have to go to the Gym Now

I couldn’t resist trying again to capture the prettiness of these bulbs.  Oh well.

So yeah, I haven’t been to the gym in many days.  I have to go.  Have to. Then I get to laze about all day.  
One big cleaning job I had planned to do I’m putting off. I’m storing all this stuff, my research from each of my books, tax records for myself and Echo, etc.  I hate clutter.  I was going to go through and see if there is anything at all I can throw-out.

Then I realized if I wait until my Spring cleaning I can at least throw out one tax years worth of records. Except I will also be adding one!! Oh for the love of God. I’m sorry future firemen who will have to tunnel through the boxes in order to remove my mummified remains.

This is called “Collyer conditions” by the FDNY by the way, in honor of the Collyer Brothers, two brothers in Manhattan who couldn’t throw anything away, and it eventually killed them. It’s a fascinating story and worth reading.  One brother died when boxes fell on him while he was on his way to feeding his paralyzed brother.  The paralyzed brother then starved to death.  Rescue workers had to tunnel through piles of newspapers, etc., and they found one brother, but then it took days (weeks?) to find the other.

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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Have to go to the Gym Now

  1. I went to the gym and came back and did more work, including the stuff I had decided to put off!

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