Favorite Christmas TV Episodes Round-Up

Northern Exposure:  The episode called Seoul Mates.  It’s the one where Holling sings Ave Maria to Shelley.

West Wing: Noel.  This is the best of them all, my personal favorite, it’s the one where Leo tells the story to Josh that begins, “A man falls into a hole …”

West Wing: In Excelsis Deo, the one where Toby arranges for the burial of a homeless vet. (Aaron Sorkin can really do Christmas, apparently.)

BonesThe Man in the Fallout Shelter, this is the one where they are all quarantined in the lab over Christmas.

Buffy the Vampire SlayerAmends.  The one where it snows at the end.

RoswellA Roswell Christmas Carol.  This is the one where Max heals all the children at the hospital.

I didn’t get to the Christmas episodes of the X Files.  I also loved the two Newsradio Christmas episodes that I watched, but really, they were barely Christmas-y, and were great because this show was always great.

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas TV Episodes Round-Up

  1. Hi Stacy, it’s David Yamada from Boston. A few weeks ago, I too loaded up the West Wing Christmas episode featuring Toby and the homeless vet. Very, very touching.

    I celebrated Election Day by buying the full run of West Wing, figuring now I could watch it without sinking into despair over the state of the real life presidency.

  2. Hi David! And I love your idea of watching West Wing to celebrate Barack Obama’s election. I remember just going into a state of denial at the time and thinking ‘Jed Bartlett is my president.’

  3. A few commentators noted similarities between the series-ending Matt Santos storyline and the Obama campaign!

    Thank goodness that life imitated art. I would still be in complete despair today if the result had been the other way around.

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