I’m So Tired, I Haven’t Slept a Wink

December 31st, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

This is how to win a war—ruin the sleep of an entire country for a full week straight.  No one will be able to function. They will surrender immediately rather than suffer another week like that. I slept last night but that’s because I had a few nights of barely sleeping and I was like a dead woman. 

Signs like this one to the left keep relentlessly going up in my neighborhood. I’m sure this business will be replaced by yet another place I can’t afford to shop in (or eat at). At least this one is moving and not closing altogether. As someone who started a business I can tell you that you lovingly put everything you have into them, it becomes the beating heart of your daily life. Whenever someone criticized Echo, it was like they had criticized my child, and I always wanted to dress them down for it.  It was insane. I always get choked up at the part in A Christmas Carol when Fezziwig watches from a carriage as they take down the sign for his business and replace it with the Scrooge and Marley’s.  I know exactly how his heart is breaking.

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  2. By nadine on Dec 31, 2008

    What’s with the insomnia? Did I miss something?

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