Big Cat Love

From time to time I try to capture the bigatude of Finney. Just as I clicked to take a picture he started licking my face, so that’s why my face is blocked.

You can tell how big is he in this, right? His body takes up my whole upper half. And I think that’s more of him extending below the arm that is holding him.

He’s bigger than a lot of dogs.  Imagine me holding a chihuahua compared to this.

He’s a monster beast of a cat is my point.

That reminds me, my favorite part of whatever award ceremony I was watching, the Golden Globes maybe, was Mickey Rourke’s tender love for his dogs, one of which is a tiny chihuahua.  To see this hulk of a man completely in the thrall of a little dog is just irresistible.

I’m taking a break from doing everything I can to promote my book.  There’s going to be reviews in Marie Claire, BUST and something in the Washington Post, although I don’t know if that’s going to be a review per se.  I can’t wait. Hoping against hope that they all say something positive.

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6 thoughts on “Big Cat Love

  1. Sigh… I LOVE FINNEY!!! What a cutie!! I miss the cat I had growing up, Spice, who at his largest weighed around 20lbs or so… he was an outdoor cat, so if he was put on a diet, he never really lost the weight! 🙂

  2. Have you given thought to doing a booksigning
    at that indie bookstore (whose name escapes me !) in downtown Huntington ?

    Many authors who hail from ‘the rock’ (LI) do that…

  3. It’s amazing how long we continue to miss these beasts.

    David, I hadn’t. Maybe I should. I’ll ask my family if they know the name of the store.

  4. That cat is huge – He is 1/2 the size of you!!
    It’s funny I don’t remember him being that big in person when I saw him in your apt. I think the book store David is talking about is Book Revue which you did a reading and signing at in 2001 for “Waiting For My Cats to Die”. I remember because I couldn’t go because I stayed with your Mom when she was sick. You should try and go there as all the great authors do!

  5. Ah, okay thanks. The Book Revue. Now I remember reading there. That had to have been the saddest sad readings I ever did. (My mother died soon after.)

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