My Insane Week Has Begun

8:42am.  Just finished my second interview of the day.  It was only ten minutes long so it was short and painless.

Before that I was on the Coast to Coast AM with George Noory from 2 – 5am. That was a pleasure, and he was a great host, but I have no idea how well I did. As per usual, sometimes my mind would just blank and I couldn’t access information I know I have in my brain, and I’m afraid I sometimes rambled. The picture on my desk are the notes that I had planned to refer to, but the few times I tried I couldn’t find the ones I needed so I gave up.  (I took that while I was on hold, so that’s a live, as it was happening show!)  

One caller asked me a particularly sad question and I did my best to give her a real and compassionate answer.  I’m afraid to go back and listen to what I said.  I really wanted to give her an answer that might give her some peace.  But maybe I rambled there, too.

I’ve gotten some nice email about the show, but then I also found a website where the people were live-chatting about it and they wondered why I was even on.  They said I was just flogging my book, something I tried not to do.  I tried to focus on the work of the lab, and how cool it was, and I probably did talk a lot about the parts of the research I liked best.  Ugh. Can’t win. It’s not easy, people!!

I’m doing a reading in Boston this week. I am looking forward to that, being in Boston. Not the terrifying getting up and talking in front of people part, just being back in a place where I once lived.

Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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7 thoughts on “My Insane Week Has Begun

  1. You were great on Coast to Coast – very on-topic and interesting even (especially?) on the tough calls. No worries!

  2. Oh thank you for saying so. I really needed to hear that. I am so thin-skinned these days!

  3. I thought it was a wonderful interview, and made me keen to buy the book. I appreciate people ‘flogging’ their wares if it’s one I’d be happy to own. How else am I to find out about such things?
    I was captivated by your comments, and stayed in my freezing Toyota listening, not wanting to miss anything. When a station break finally came I rushed to the warmth of my digs, hopped in a hot bath and listened to the rest. Wonderful.

  4. I have to agree … you were wonderful … I did not notice ANY flubs …as a matter of fact, while listening, I commented to myself how smooth you were.

    I tried to call in with a question … to no avail….

  5. I also thought you were terrific, and I have to agree with Lee, how else are we suppose to find out about books that are written by host on C2C?

    C2C has the best of the best as host, & of course, I want to know about your latest book.

    Good luck, and thank you

  6. Oh, please read my latest post because it applies to you guys, too. I really am such a wuss, and the positive feedback really helps. So thank you for being kind and doing something that helps a fellow human being. It really does make a difference and I would like you to know that. It would make me feel good if something I said helped someone one. THANK YOU!!

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