New Favorite Quote

This was in a recent New York Times article by John Markoff.  I think it was about artificial intelligence. Christ.  Do I have any brain cells left??  I read the article, what?  Yesterday?? Anyway, Markoff was writing about making predictions, and how everyone thought things were going to happen a lot sooner and he quotes futurist Paul Saffo saying, “never mistake a clear view for a short distance.”

I have to start making a list of ” truest true things ever,” and begin with that.  Brilliant.  Don’t you wish you were a smart person?  I wish I was a smart person.  Ugh.  Damnit.  I forgot that I’m trying to stop noticing my failings and instead focus on the positive.  Well, I noticed that I noticed my failings, that’s good. Can’t stop if you don’t even notice when you’re doing it!

And now, a cute cat picture.

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