Okay, Now I Really Need Someone to Kill Me

My litterbox solution didn’t work.  Someone, Buddy I think, ignored the litterbox altogether it looks like, and peed next to it.  (In case anyone is wondering, I clean the litterbox out twice a day, including washing it out, so it can’t be a dirty litterbox issue.) I took Revan’s solution of buying puppy pads while I figure something else out. Here are the things I’m considering trying.
Solution 1 from Karen. Karen made a great suggestion of buying a storage box with high sides at Office Depot or some place like it.  

But I need to figure out what tool I would use to cut the front down so they can step into it more easily. Cost: $15, no shipping.

Then there’s two litterboxes with high sides that look like they might work.  The one on the left is  from Petco, $20 no shipping. The one on the right I found on Amazon, $25 plus whatever it will cost to ship.

I’m afraid this one on the right, which looks like it has more effective high sides, might be ignored by whatever cat is giving me the trouble.

I don’t know what to do. Buddy is right now trying to look cute so I will feed him. They are SHAMELESS.

I’m open to any additional suggestions. I was crying about this last night. Wuss. I know. How do people with children survive??

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5 thoughts on “Okay, Now I Really Need Someone to Kill Me

  1. Oh jeez, I feel for you! Uhmmm, maybe put the litterbox in another place? But I don’t know if that’s an option for you…hmmm…

  2. I would go for the large plastic box, possibly go to a hardware store and ask for assistance in cutting a round hole in one of the narrow ends. (Or if you have a boyfriend, he’ll be able to do that for you). Also, if there’s a Lowe’s or Home Depot anywhere nearby, you can buy the plastic box and get it cut fairly cheap. Keep the lid on this box when using it as a cat litter box, keeps down odors. A round hole will encourage the cat to go entirely inside it, not pee over the edge. (The other two don’t look promising.) I have done this many times in the past; I also use large plastic boxes with round holes with big cushions inside for the cats to sleep in. I’ve had 6 cats at various times, and stacking the boxes they just LOVE to climb up and get inside for a cozy nap. (Yes, I’m always for the cheap solution!) As for how people cope with their children, have no idea; that’s why I chose not to have any.

  3. Unless it’s super-duper thick plastic, I would think that you could use a box cutter to cut down an opening in the middle of the front.

    Then I’d put duct tape along the edge of the opening as it will likely be sharp after being cut. Definitely leave the lid on top!

  4. I think Karen’s suggestion is a good one. As far as cutting it, it depends on what you have 🙂 As Nicole says, a box cutter would cut thinner plastic, but leave the edges sharp. Duct tape will collect fur and odors over time.

    1. Start by drawing where you want the hole with a marker.
    2. Drill as large a hole as you can along the inside edge of your line.
    3. Use a jigsaw with the finest blade (i.e., smallest teeth) and push it through the hole you drilled, then cut along the line.

    If you don’t have a jigsaw, then a small handsaw (like this Stanley jab saw) would work, too.

    If you don’t have either of those, what sort of tools do you have or can borrow?

  5. (*thought spurred by a recent post at Nicole’s blog*) Got a rotozip tool? That make cutting a hole a piece of cake (and hopefully not a cake wreck 🙂

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