Loser’s Lounge Last Night

This is a really good one, don’t miss it if you’re in NYC. It’s a battle of bands thing, Neil Young vs The Eagles. I’m not an Eagles fan, I have to say, so the battle part was pretty pointless for me, and with someone like Neil Young—for the love of god—it should have been all Neil Young. But the singers were so talented I enjoyed even the Eagles songs. My favorites didn’t disappoint, and my absolute favorite was the absolute best last night: Mike Fornatale doing The Needle and the Damage Done and a surprise second song.  I want to go again just to see him sing the two songs he did again.

This is Ellen Foley, who I also adore. She did Only Love Can Break Your Heart.


Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Loser’s Lounge Last Night

  1. I like Ellen, too. She’s a St. Louis girl. Even went to my high school. (The nuns still talked about her years later when I went.)

  2. Oh wow! Do you remember any of the stories? She went out with my friend Aly for a while (the one who died last year). She’s an amazing singer.

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