Birthday Week Day Six

They’re filming The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the city.  My poor friend Jackie lives where they were shooting last night (and other nights?) and has had these lights blaring in her windows.  I enjoy watching filming when I have no particular place to go.  I was sympathetic with the poor people in their cars honking.  They were held up and held up, being told shooting was about to take place, but the shooting wasn’t happening and finally it was honk honk honk.  I didn’t blame them.  

This crew wasn’t bad though.  Some are real assholes, and I, like most people, ignore them and ruin shots.  You have to ask politely.  These guys were nice so I waited to cross the street.  It occurs to me though, given how people are, maybe those asshole crew people started out nice, but then after a couple of hours of asking people not to ruin the shot and getting a lot of asshole-responses in return they turn into assholes?  

I only respond badly to the rude, entitled, “we’re shooting a movie here and all the world has to suspend their lives for our very important work, for whatever you are doing is unimportant in comparison, and I don’t have to be polite because you are all like cave people compared to us, in fact, are you even human, why am I even talking to you, I should be able to just shove you out of our way.”


Birthday Week Day Five

The rain changes my plans a bit for today.  Oh, everyone, see the movie UP. Very sweet, funny, loved it.  So today.  Hmmm.  I’m scheduled for an imovie class this afternoon at the Apple store, and I’m going to a Parapsychology Foundation lecture tonight, but I’m not sure about other things I have planned.  I’ll see how I feel in the next hour or two.

I took this yesterday looking out the window at Veselka.


Birthday Week Day Four

I got a surprise call from a couple of detective friends and we met for breakfast, that was a great start to my birthday! Love those guys.  Plans for rest of the day: seeing the movie Up, cake with friends, seeing the new Terminator movie … I think that’s it!

Here is the movie set that blocked me from picking up my organic Half & Half yesterday.


Birthday Week Day Three

(I’ve decided Sunday counts as day one.) I got a pedicure here, at Jin Soon Natural Hand & Foot Spa on Jones Street, a nice quiet block in the West Village. The color I got is OPI’s Venus di Violet, for the nail polish curious.

I just finished a great interview, thank you Deborah Harper, of Psychjourney!

But now I have to interrupt my Birthday Week festivities to do some actual work. Ha. Such a hard life I have.  The interview was technically work, but it was so much fun I can’t count it as work.  The stuff I have to do now counts.

Maybe I should bittorrent a good movie to watch after?  

Oh God, I just turned on the news and they’re talking about the Brazilian plane crash.  I’m so sorry for those poor people and their families.  Here I am discussing nail polish colors and some people are dealing with this. Not to mention all the other horrors people are dealing with all over the world.  I’m sorry for all who suffer. OH GOD.  They just said the plane went into a nose dive and they got out of it, and then they went into another nose dive and they got out of it. I was just writing about something similar, going through something horrible, but then thinking you’re going to make it, but then that gets taken away from you.  That happened to those poor people twice before they finally died, as if dying isn’t bad enough.  Christ.  (Sorry people who are reading this.)

My Birthday Week Begins

This week is all about doing things that make me feel good, and addressing whatever makes me feel bad, to see if there’s anything I can do about it.

So far so good.  I went to therapy and then to my friend Jackie’s apartment where she helped me (did all the work) upgrading WordPress, the software that runs all my blogs, AND she fixed a few bugs in the appearance, AND she added pictures of the people I wrote about to the right hand side of the Unbelievable blog.  Check it out!!  Thank you so much, Jackie!!

And, I saw this guy walking home. Hey doggie.