When did I become a pessimist??

I was even going to title this post: You Can’t Win. Pretty pessimistic, no getting around it. I just took a test to see if you’re a pessimist or an optimist, and I came out a combination of average, a little pessimistic and a lot pessimistic. I swear I have always been an optimist. Seriously. I still think of myself that way, except, the way I’d describe it is I’ve become more “realistic” over the years. I swear I still hope for the past, but bad fucking things can always happen. So can good, of course.

Anyway, I was going to post about doing my own laundry vs having it done. For years I’ve dropped off my laundry it usually costs me $10 to have it done for me. It was worth it because I could use that time to work.

Lately though, like everyone else, I’ve felt the need to save, save, save, and since part of working for me involves reading I thought I could do my own laundry and get my reading done at the same time. But by the time I was done, I figured it cost me $7 to do it myself. Not really much of a savings there!

Oh god. It’s official. I’m a pessimist. Except I can say that I had a nice time doing my laundry. I met a lovely couple and we talked the whole time. Didn’t get any reading done, but it was nice.


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2 thoughts on “When did I become a pessimist??

  1. It’s fascinating to read about your experiences with NYC apartment living. Being in a small town in Alabama, it’s difficult to imagine not having a house equipped with washer/dryer — or an outside clothesline for that matter. I recently looked at condos (which have either smallish courtyards or patios AND laundry rooms) but felt somewhat claustrophic. Yet I loathe paying for lawn care on my oversized yard. Can’t do it myself due to allergies.

    As for being a “pessimist” I consider myself a realist with the credo: “Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.” It’s served me well over my lifetime.

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