Getting Ready for the Aykroyds

Dan Aykroyd’s father Peter Aykroyd has written a book called The History of Ghosts, for which Dan provided the introduction. They’re both giving a presentation at the 92nd Street Y next Sunday and I’m going to introduce them! Then after their presentation I’m going to ask them some questions and then moderate an audience Q&A after that.

Today is dedicated to getting ready. I’ll be finishing up my introduction and then I’ll come up with questions. That part should be pretty easy. I’ve been answering and asking questions about this subject since March.

Here’s a picture of a house one block over on Perry. I’m positive I photographed this same house last year at Halloween. They do a good job of dressing up their place for the holiday. I mean, look at this!


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5 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Aykroyds

  1. I heard Dan & his dad on CBC Radio One’s “Q” and was meaning to contact you about it because Dan mentioned Duke University Parapsychology Lab. Best of luck to you with your portion of the event! (My boss went to high school with him — here in Ottawa, you come across LOTS of people who have connections of one kind or another with Dan!)

  2. Ha! That’s funny, because I was posting about Red Burns last week, the chair of NYU’s ITP, where I went to grad school. She’s Canadian, and a friend told me she knows Dan Aykroyd, through her daughter I think she said, who worked in some capacity at Saturday Night Live.

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