Oh my God, oh my God, Col. Chris Hadfield!

A singer and an astronaut! Where did he come from?? (Canada.) He is an international treasure!! His voice is beautiful. And here’s a link of him singing, while in space, with a bunch of children … sweet Jesus, none of the children were given space suits. For the love of god, they’re … someone save them!! (Kidding.)

Seriously, music and science, the best combination there is. Canada, I apologize in advance. Because we have to steal him.

Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “Oh my God, oh my God, Col. Chris Hadfield!

  1. Sorry Stacy, but I think once he lands back on earth he’s staying right here. Kids all across Canada sang with him in real time, which I’m sure they will remember for a very long time.

  2. If he does go south, he’ll probably never stop saying he’s Canadian eh, and then you’ll want to send him back. 😉

  3. He’s back now, right? Is he getting a heros welcome? OH! I remember reading about the million dollar cellphone bill!! THht was funny.

  4. Surprisingly, the only things we’ve heard about him is what everyone else has, in the news. I have not heard that he is getting a special welcome, although I would bet someone is planning something. I see he is suffering from the effects of gravity, now that he is back! But, he is my age, so that’s to be expected. 🙂 He’s very engaging, that’s for sure. There is lots of speculation about “what’s next” but he hasn’t said anything.

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