Good News!

January 9th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Buddy’s diarrhea is pretty bad today, in spite of the medication, but at the same time, he gobbled down the raw food. I didn’t have to transition him or anything. I’m very hopeful, I’ve read report after report that this helps with IBS. So I’m going to try not to panic about the diarrhea and see how he is in a couple of days.

He’s well enough to park himself at the window, staring longingly at the shadows of birds. Like they will somehow materialize on this side of the window.

I’m going to try to watch a movie I downloaded. Wait, maybe I should go for a walk. That sounds healthier. And more relaxing.

I’m so happy about Buddy eating. I was all prepared for this to take a month. And then not work maybe. Finney didn’t do well on the raw diet, but maybe the problem was putting him on the raw diet exclusively. Maybe I’ll just slip a cube of meat into each of his meals.

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