ChemoCat Update

Buddy came through his first checkup since going on chemotherapy with the “Cat Who Looks the Least Like He Has Cancer” award. The vet said no one who works with cancer cats would pick him out as a cat with cancer.

To me he looks like skin and bones, but she saw a big cat. He’s gained only the tiniest bit of weight, but since I’m pretty sure he lost even more following his first visit he’s definitely on the upswing. Needless to say my mood is great. (Aside from cancer sticker shock. Do you know what I’ve spent so far?? $2,716. Mother of God. And I am far far far from done.)

So yeah. Good times. Cats doing well, nice dinner last night, choir ahead tonight, and Jake chose Vienna. I know she wasn’t the popular choice, and she isn’t the girl for me—although I found her oddly more likable and real—she was perfect for the kind of guy who sent the most fascinating woman home the very first night, the air national guard captain.

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4 thoughts on “ChemoCat Update

  1. That’s great news about Buddy! Perhaps you can just start calling him your “problem child” like I do with Oscar, my doxie. While Rambo, my minpin, has never given me a moment of concern, either health-related or escaping, Oscar continues to have strange health issues (allergies!, skin problems) and escapes if he sees an open gate/door. Yet as much trouble (and expense)as he can be, I’d miss him terribly; his personality is lively, he’s the “life of the party here” and even Rambo gets upset when Oscar isn’t around. Pets — what would we do without them?

  2. So.. incredibly… AWESOME! What we wouldn’t do for our furry family member… Worth every (hard-earned and missed) penny! And then some! He looks very coquettish in this pic…hehehe

  3. Vienna yuck, I would have gone for Tenly (Sp?) way over that sausage. Of course, my first choice from the last 3 or 4 women would have been Allie cat. I just can’t see how Allie can become the next bachelorette with all her work demands (will she have to quit in the middle of the show and go back to work?)

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