Sometimes I Like Clutter

March 13th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

I was walking home on Bleecker and I realized I liked all the signs hanging out, and the generally messy look. So I kept shooting as I walked along. I’m passing by Murray’s Cheese here. If this store ever goes away I will starve to death.


Side-by-side strollers! Hate them! But then I realized, if I was out strolling with a baby, how much nicer it would be to have a companion to talk to, so I keep my hate to myself and hope that buys me some points when I stop dead in my tracks to take a picture, which must be very annoying for the people behind me.


I used to get pomegranate seeds at the store with the green awning, but they never have them anymore. And I really should try that Risotteria place.


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