A day of rest, supposedly!

I’m going to be working full-time for the Census for the next two months! The hours are different every day and I’ve been in a panic ever since. How am I going to give Buddy his meds, how am I going to write, etc? Ohmygod, how will I ever keep up with tv?? (I actually did worry about that.)

But I’m sure I will work it out.

This is an apartment on the other side of the courtyard behind my apartment building. That room on the top floor with the windows on either side and all the diamond panes of glass! It must be such a pretty, sunny room. It must be nice to look out at the world from that room.
But perhaps the saddest person in the world lives there. But maybe he’d be even sadder if it weren’t for that room. Maybe that room keeps him alive.

I see he opened a window that day. The saddest person in the world must not have pets (no screen).


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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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2 thoughts on “A day of rest, supposedly!

  1. “NYC police reported an apparent suicide today. Mr James Doe, 51, was found on the sidewalk under an open uppermost floor apartment window from which he apparently fell to his death. Mr. Doe may have left a note suggesting his depression. According to an unidentified officer, a note was found that referred to window trim or lead casing that caused him to believe he was an innocent man living behind prison bars. Mr Doe wrote his note on the back of sheet music – a Simon & Garfunkle song “I Am a Rock”. Apparently, the final straw was that Mr. Doe’s lifelong dream of working for the Census was dashed this week. He wrote that the Census turned him down and also informed him that they had just hired Stacy Horn, the writer, and didn’t she live near him? The unidentified police officer said obviously Mr. Doe was delusional – since Ms. Horn wrote about NYC cold cases and was known to the police.”

    Yes, I used to belong to the Optimists Club – but it was long ago.

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