Choirs Past

This is a shot of the Grace Church Choir from 1958. This is not the kind of choir I sing in. This is a church choir and the Grace Church Choral Society is a community chorus. (We don’t have to be a member of any church or faith.)

I guess it’s not the most interesting shot in the world, but I like to look at the faces. See close-up below.


Unlike a lot of research I do, many of these people are probably still with us. I wonder if they all have copies of this photograph? I can send a copy of the scan to any of them if they happen to stop by.

I’m going to try to find out what happened to the choir boys from when the church first went from a professional chorus to a volunteer choir. None of those boys will be alive, however. This happened at the turn of the last century. Ha! I remember when I used to be able to say “the turn of the century,” but now I always have to say the turn of the “last” century because I’ve been alive in two!


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