It’s Always Something

So Finney is fat. Plus, he’s getting a lot of furballs and has thrown up twice on the comforter, making me have to take it to be cleaned ($20 x 2). But that was nothing compared to throwing up on the couch yesterday while I was at work. Now I have to pay for it to be dry cleaned ($150-ish). Please go back to throwing up on the comforter, Finney.

I also have finally decided he is allergic to his food. He does this scooting thing which is not an anal glands issue. (He doesn’t stop after having them expressed.) So I switched him to Weruva starting this morning. This is a high quality grain-free diet. I’m just nervous because he gets struvite crystals, but after googling this seems like it might be okay. I’m going to add a pinch of vitamin C to his meals. I feel good about this decision.

I can go back to stressing about working at the Census all the time and having no time or energy left to work on my book.

Oh, and Bones fans!! Last night!! Hodgins and Angela!! YAY!!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Always Something

  1. Our living room rug was barfed and pooped on so often that we finally cried uncle and took it to the basement, to be cleaned at a later date – replaced it with Flor tiles. Not as pretty as the original rug, but craploads easier to deal with.

    They both look good – yay!

  2. Such cute little fur-men! My carpet is stained in various places a lovely mustardy yellow that glows ever-so-faintly in the sunlight..sigh..
    Much luck with the food issues, hope it works out!
    And yes, saw that Bones wedding coming a mile away, but YEAH! anyways… hehehe

  3. Yeah, I think I have to somehow accept the imperfections as part of having cats. But it bugs me!!

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