I’m Starting to Think Kids are Easier

I’m trying different catfoods for Finney. He likes the gravy of the Weruva, but leaves most of the chicken behind. I broke down and fed him some of the food he likes (but is allergic to). I need to find a grain-free dry food to give him as a treat.

I took this picture of all the people waiting for a train going to the opposite direction to where I was going. I was almost alone on my side. The story of my life, I thought. Everyone else going in a different direction than me.


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4 thoughts on “I’m Starting to Think Kids are Easier

  1. I didn’t check to see if you’ve tried this cat food before, so excuse me if I’m duplicating here.

    Have you tried Evo cat food? It has no grain products at all, but it is tres expensive (I paid $20+ for an eight pound bag).


    Worked great when Miss Mouse developed a raging allergy to corn products. She went from looking like a cat with terrible mange to a sleek and smooth coat. The other drawback is stinky BMs due to the high percentage of protein (which may not work for *you*).

  2. I’ve had cats; I have kids. The advantages of cats:

    1)the configuration of their paws discourages texting;
    2)their drug of choice is catnip;
    3)their coats don’t go out of fashion;
    4)college tuition for felines is unheard of;
    5)they take up a smaller area on the couch;
    6)there’s no chance they would ever become a Republican;
    7)they are picky about the friends they choose;
    8)they share 0% of their DNA with Neanderthals;
    9)they are openly devious; and
    10)you never have to make their bed.

    P.S. Going alone in the opposite direction does have its benefits; among them – your baggage is always the first off the carousel.

  3. Laughing. Yeah, the fur-free kids do seem less of a hassle sometimes. But look at it this way: You never have to pay for

    1) increased car insurance (when they get a license at 16)
    2) college
    3) weddings


    And your picture — and comment about being solo on the other side of the track — reminded me of a scene from “Cousins,” one of those guilty-pleasure movies I love.

  4. Karen, as a matter of fact Evo is one of the brands I’m trying as well! I am giving him their dry food because the Finney loves dry food so he gets that as one of his meals. Wet food in the morning, dry food at night.

    Thank Weston and Nicole. Kids are much more expensive, it’s true. And thanks for the point about baggage. I like that.

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