There’s a new talking cat video from klaatu42, and I wanted to post a link to one of them just in case there was anyone who wasn’t aware of them. Here’s a favorite. But once you see that one, browse his others. There are so many great ones, although I can’t watch the one of the beaver on the highway.

I took this picture of an art installation everyone was talking about a while back. It’s called Event Horizon and it’s by an artist named Antony Gormley. Someone had recently jumped off a building, I think nearby, so people freaked at first. I love it. Apparently there are 31 of them around the Flatiron District. I took this picture from Madison Square Park.


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5 thoughts on “Mouse!

  1. I love the Klaatu42 videos & had already seen the mystic cat one. I just watched the beaver one and was POSITIVE he’d get hit by the end of it. It’s cute, despite it causing me to flinch every time another car went by.

  2. Don’t you love the Klaatu42 videos?? Did the beaver get off the road by the end of the video?

  3. Stacy — Do you mean to say that you haven’t watched the whole thing? SPOILER ALERT: The beaver gets helped off the road by… Mr. Klaatu42 (I assume). It is safe to watch. But you know what I cannot watch? The oil-soaked birds struggling in the Gulf oil spill. I have to change the channel. I CAN watch them being cleaned up but NOT trying to heave themselves out of the slime. Too sad.

  4. I agree completely. I can’t bear it and have to quick change the channel.

    But thank you for telling me about the beaver because I was able to go back and watch it and know that he was okay.

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