Finney is Sick

He’s either got a terrible bladder infection or his FUS is acting up. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and I’ve got him on painkillers, but he is not in good shape. Plus he had a temperature yesterday and he still has a temperature this morning. I don’t think it’s good that he still has a temperature. I’m waiting for my vet to wake up so I can call him and talk about it with him. Maybe it takes this long for things to run their course and I shouldn’t be this worried.

I didn’t go to work yesterday and I’m not going to go today. I just can’t leave him. (I am officially insane, I know. But what if something happens??)

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4 thoughts on “Finney is Sick

  1. He definitely looks under the weather. Am I correct in assumig his name refers to Jack Finney? Anyway, keeping your eye on him, or just getting him to the vet is probably a good idea. You’re a more responsible cat owner than I am. Insane, maybe, but a good person.

  2. Sorry about Finney. I’ve had several cats with FUS, it’s a real pain for the cat and owner! I usually had mine on the special Science Diet dry/can food for that problem.

    It’s strange, but there’s been a few times when I was away for a day or so and I’d come home to find one or the other cat sick. It may just have been a coincidence, but I know cats are really sensitive and change in their routine seems to affect their health. NOT blaming you for working, but I do think you being there with him a couple days will actually help him recover.

    Hang in there!

  3. Sending comforting vibes from Canada… hugs and positive thoughts to all three of you… 🙁
    I woulda done the exact same thing… but I would be much more of a wreck… being a cat mom is one of the greatest joys ever! Furry children are deserving of love and gratitude and care and concern as others!
    Keep doing what your doing!

  4. I love that people understand, so I don’t feel like a freak on top of worrying about Finney!

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