I’m a Wreck

I am such a basket case right now.

– Finney is sick.

– Every vet visit costs $$$.

– To take care of him I’m staying home.

– But all these days home have cost me $$$ in Census pay.

So I’m anxious about Finney, I’m anxious about money and to make matters worse, I could be using this time to do all the work on my book I’ve been unable to do, but I’ve only gotten a little done each day, never a day’s worth.

Hence: my basket-case-ness. I promise to stop complaining soon.

Finney update: We’re trying a different antibiotic, but if that doesn’t work we’re going to do a ultra-sound to see if there are crystals that didn’t show up in the xray. If that happens he might need surgery. Also, he has advanced arthritis, poor thing. It means he’s probably been in pain for a long time. So we need to start treating that. The arthritis explains his peeing off the side of the box. This is the thing my vet said a lot of cats develop.

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8 thoughts on “I’m a Wreck

  1. So sorry about Finney. Hugs to him, and I know he feels well taken care of.

    That said, I understand the $$ issue with vets. My first cat, Punkin, lived to be 20! She had lost all her teeth, and had arthritis so bad her legs were bent slightly and she walked gingerly. Was also getting deaf, I’d have to clap my hands close to her ears to get a response — so her eyesight was probably bad too. Yet she was a trooper, and though I LOVED her dearly, she was the worst-tempered cat I ever had. Would scratch for no cause, liked to be petted, but would suddenly turn mean. I often thought her fiesty nature is what kept her living so long!

  2. Soo sorry to hear that! And I though my day was going badly! 🙁
    Have you considered donations? I would gladly donate something, if only to make Finney, and Buddy, feel better! 🙂
    Just let your readers know!
    I hope you have a better day tomorrow…
    Sending hugs for kitties and for you too!

  3. Big hugs to the three of you. I know you want to be with him, but maybe you could work a shortened day, just to (a) let census know you’re still committed, and (b) get some $$.

  4. Have you thought about applying for CareCredit? I don’t normally advocate using credit, but I know how expensive vet bills can get (and I know most vets expect full payment up front). Here’s their site – http://www.carecredit.com/vetmed/

    Never second guess your decision to stay home with Finney. Jobs and money will come and go, but there is only one Finney. I ran out of vacation days when my Sydney got sick, and I wasn’t able to be with him during his final days. I really thought he was going to get better, though, otherwise I would have said to hell with the job. It’s something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  5. Stacy, my parents’ orange tabby had terrible arthritis–he limped and wouldn’t put any weight on one paw, in particular. On vet’s advice, my mom started giving him glucosamine (capsules intended for humans–she’d open them and sprinkle the powder on his food). After a month or so, he stopped limping completely. He was a new kitty!

    There are also cat treats with glucosamine in them.

  6. That’s exactly what we’re going to start him on!! He also said something about “kitty advil.”

    I am so glad to hear about your parent’s cat.

  7. Yes, Calvin the orange wonder lived to the ripe ol’ age of 18. The glucosamine made his final 2-3 years a LOT more comfortable.

    All the best to you and lil’ Finney!

  8. Stacie, I meant to say something to you earlier — although I would be the same way, haunted, according to everything I’ve read about cats and dying, they want to be alone mostly at the end anyway. And as everyone has been saying to me, they know all the time how much we love them, so he knew even if you weren’t there. So I’m sorry you couldn’t spend more time with him at the end, but you really didn’t know and I’m sure his passing was as good as it could have been. I’m sorry it played out that way though.

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