He’s home!!

Thank god. He is not happy about the bandage. I took the top layer off and he stopped freaking out about it.

So, we shall see. They sent the bubble thing out for a biopsy, but we won’t know until Wednesday they said. But it could be that this thing was causing his urinary problems all these years and he doesn’t have FUS. If that’s true he can eat whatever he wants.

Hear that, Finn??

Poor little guy. But maybe he will be okay in the end. We can’t start treating the arthritis until this is past. But he’s on plainkillers, so that should help in the meantime.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and comments and email. Finney, thank the nice people. He said “mow.” I swear.

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11 thoughts on “He’s home!!

  1. God love him…what a perfect picture of one unhappy kitty boy! I’m so glad he’s home with you and Buddy and now the healing can begin for all of you. (Yay Finney…now you can ask your mom for those super expensive Fancy Feast Appetizers that we know you’ll love…you deserve it after such deprivation…from Bela and Donna.).

  2. So nice to hear that he pulled through well… Hope the time is speedy until the lab results come in!! Tuna all around! 🙂

  3. Look at that face! So glad to hear the surgery went well. I’m surprised he’s home already, but will be much less stressful than staying at the clinic overnight. Keep us posted.

  4. Good news, thanks for updating us. Was wondering about Finney and you… I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good report from the final biopsy results!

  5. Finney! you could eat whatever you want! hear that? don’t I wish to be you, Finney! love you much and hope you’ll get icecream soon!

  6. Great news that he’s well enough to come home with you. Now the healing can begin. You’re all still in our thoughts for good news on Wednesday.

  7. I remember that when my girls were spayed (in–ahem–1990), Muffin similarly licked and irritated a patch of skin on her abdomen. She’d licked it raw, worse than what you’re seeing. Vet said it was probably where they’d had a clamp, and gave me some kind of ointment that would promote healing (but would be safe in case she licked it, which of course they will). Whether to the ointment’s credit or not, she soon left it alone and it healed fine.

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