Alex Wong We’ll Miss You, Get Better and Come Back Soon!

I am so seriously disappointed about Alex Wong. I’m sure he’s feeling even worse. For those of you who are not watching So You Think You Can Dance, and you’re missing the best thing on television if you’re not, Alex Wong is one of the dancers and he injured his foot and had to leave the competition.

The important thing is that he exists at all and that he will get better and be dancing again. But God. He was a pleasure to watch. That is just such an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a dancer more. He was at a whole other level. Oh man, I don’t want to wait three months to see him dance again.

Oh! While we’re on the subject, would a dance company in New York please give him a job so I don’t have to go far to see him?

The routine that threw my love and admiration into the stratosphere is here. [Ack. It was taken down! I’ll see if I can find another link.] He’s a ballet dancer, and something about seeing a ballet dancer do hip hop as well as any hip hop dancer I’ve seen just made him beyond irresistible. He also seems like such a decent, lovable, good hearted person. Sigh. Oh, the bad luck of it! Well, again, he’ll be dancing again, and I will have the chance to see him again. I will focus on that. We love you Alex!!

Stacy Horn

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