Weather Update

How we’re faring: we’re hot. Way hot. Pretty m’f’ing hot. Normally my cats seem oblivious to the heat, and they’ll hang out in the bedroom even though only my front room gets air conditioned. Not so these past two days. They’re pretty much staying where I am, which is the coolest spot in the house.

I can’t tell if the birds are drinking the water I put out, but I just went to the roof and dumped what was there, put in fresh water, and moved it to a different spot (it was no longer in the shade).

I love the sneaker pile in this picture. The blue sneakers are new, the red ones old. (I would love to get some new red ones, though.)


Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Weather Update

  1. catsplat!

    It hit 100 here (DC) a couple of hours ago – it looks like it’s coming back down (it’s 98! hallelujah!).

  2. It’s 100 here too! I would have thought it would be more there. but we’re neck and neck.

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