Cats vs Dogs

I watched the end of a show last night, I don’t even know what it was, but they were holding a contest between cats and dogs. In one round they compared the cost of having a dog vs a cat. Dogs cost a billion times more. It was insane, and really scared me off getting a dog. THEN, they left a cat alone in a room and compared it to leaving a dog alone. The dog destroyed the room, totally destroyed it, it was actually hysterical, but I will stick with cats. Siamese cats to be precise. I’ve always wanted to try them and they’re THIN. I will be able to carry them up and down the five flights more easily.

This is Delmonicos (it looks very European, this corner). I’ve always wanted to eat here. Not for the food, but the history. It’s been around since, well, I’m not sure. A long time. 1837. (I just checked. I love the internet.)


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5 thoughts on “Cats vs Dogs

  1. Not the same Delmonico’s sadly. The orginal historic one was n 5th and44th, I believe. I ate at this one many (like over 20) years ago, and it was nice but nothing special. If you want semi real history down town try Frauncis Tavern.
    That Tudor, half timber place at the end of the block is an interesting place, too, as I recall. It was opened in 1927 as an exclusive club for people (men) in the shipping industry. Then came the crash. It was a restaurant for decades. The owner gave me a tour about 10 years ago when he was trying to sell it. There were squash courts on the top floor.
    I’m agnostic on the cats vs. dogs thinig. Have you ever seen an Abysynnian cat? Very great cats.

  2. On second look, I guess it does have some good history. But it was the 44th St one that made the name famous.

  3. You know if you could take out that modern building in the background, you could drop that street into any city in Europe without any problem.

    Unlike Dan, I’m not agnostic about cats and dogs. While I love all animals, give me a cat to live with anytime – absolutely no contest.

  4. Love the corner, love the red awnings on the restaurant.

    I don’t mind dogs, but for me, kitties are really the only choice. Whenever I get jumped on by someone else’s pet dog, I always want to say, “Boundaries, dog? Have you ever heard of personal boundaries?” Cats know from boundaries.

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