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Today I’m going to be in the library almost all day. I might not be able to do what I plan to do. There’s a nearly five hour video I want to watch (a British series about music) but that might be a bit much. There are also a bunch of science articles I need, but I’m going to be at the NYU library today and I don’t know what I have access to there. Probably as much as the NYPL though, right? I just hope I can email them to myself the way I can at the NYPL.

I took this down in the subway the other day. My guess is Roger is some big muckety-muck at the MTA and the workers are not happy with him. That’s just a guess. Roger could just be a co-worker or something. Oh, he’s got to be the head of a union. Okay, that’s the guess I’m going with. The head of the transit workers union. My final answer.


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3 thoughts on “I Love Libraries

  1. That would be Roger Toussaint, head of tyhe TA Union. Remember the strike? Let’s hope it doesn’t get ugly and stupid again. Apparently 25% of the entire TA workforce gets written up on “charges” every year. A very sick corporate culture.

  2. Hi Stacy,

    I’m actually a science librarian at NYU (I’ve set up a Google Alert so that I’m emailed when people mention the library on blogs).

    You shouldn’t have any trouble getting to our journals using the computers in the library. You can look them up by title in Bobcat, our online catalog:
    Then click if it says “Available” to get to your options for fulltext.

    The only trick to emailing articles to yourself is that you’ll have to save them to the computer first, and then upload them to an email. Otherwise, the “email” feature in most databases/journals varies as to whether it sends just a citation or the fulltext of the article.

    If you have any trouble, you can chat with a librarian for help here (between 10a-6p):

    You’re also welcome to email me at the address I’ve given to post this comment. Good luck with your research!

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