Blogging My Day Off

7:52 Live from the Red Couch-ette: Finn! I couldn’t get him to look at me.

I’m only barely paying attention to the pre-show, which I usually enjoy so much. People who looked fantastic that I noticed: Lea Michele and Tina Fey. Probably a lot of other people looked great, but I haven’t really been watching.

6:20 Update: Watching True Blood and the E! Red Carpet show at the same time. Not really paying attention to anything.

– Read two People magazines and one More.
– Exercised (couldn’t help myself, I was feeling too slug-like).
– About to watch one of two episodes of True Blood.
– Agonized about jeans shopping all morning and went with, “fuck it.” Fuck it means no more shopping. I’m going to stick with what I got yesterday.
– Food consumed so far: an apple, brown rice and broccoli, dark chocolate, walnuts and dried cranberries. Will be eating crappier food later.

The landlord is at long last working on repairing the roof (and they took down my bird feeder, so now I just spread it on the ground), but my concern is that decades of water leaking into my ceiling might have created mold up there which they are just covering up and not addressing. I sometimes smell this musty smell in the back of the apartment.

I will be back to post live updates of the rest of my day off. That’s the plan anyway.


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2 thoughts on “Blogging My Day Off

  1. Finn looks so bored with your tv viewing selections. Don’t you get the small chirping birds, running mice, climbing lizards, or slithering snakes channels? Perfect for cats.

    That roof looks awful with those wires. I hope none of them are live electrical wires.

    Our bluebird houses have fledged two nests of bluebirds and two nests of carolina chickadees so far this year. Squint has enjoyed watching them.

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