Good morning!

It’s going to be heat-wavish again today the news says. The day I’m going to be lugging bird seed through the steamy city streets. Which is my choice, so clearly I’m insane. But I’ve got a doctor’s appointment right near the place where I get my bird seed. It would bug me not to pick some up while I’m there.

I took this picture walking home. When I reach this corner I start to get that “almost home” feeling.


Another Pigeon View

I’m basically procrastinating. I’ve just started to confront the section I couldn’t wait to write, but is going to be very hard to pull off.

Notice the street lamp further down with the same bird line-up. I took a shot which had three street lamps worth of birds in it, but I just didn’t like how it came out.

Okay, I’m going back in there.



It’s like they’re all mine. Notice the third from the left one doing the pink flamingo thing. So, I’ve got two days off in front of me. Which I’ll be using to work, as per usual. I cannot wait to use a couple of days off as actual days off.

I was sad about Mitch Miller. I remember watching him as a child, and whenever I hear that men’s chorus sound, singing those kinds of songs, I feel happy. By the way, I read his Times obituary, and he was extraordinarily accomplished. I had no idea. The man had an amazing musical career. Also, he lived in New York and I felt that missed-interview-opportunity regret.

Periodically I try to think of who is still around that I should interview while there’s still time. I’ve never once successfully thought of someone. It always ends up being like this, the person dies and then I’m kicking myself.


I So Need These Days Off

Which start tomorrow. But how am I going to get through today?? I love the cooler weather though. Thank you, weather gods. But man. I long for a great big chunk of time to write. Oh! Ali picks her man tonight! I’m still rooting for Roberto.

I took this picture the same day I took the pictures of the bridges. This is just turning around and shooting in the other direction.


The American Dream and American Reality have Squared Off

I borrowed that line from a book I’m reading now, The Time of Our Singing by Richard Powers. He was writing about when the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to give Marian Anderson permission to sing in Constitution Hall. She sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial instead. Someday the Anti-Defamation League will be feeling a similar shame about their position on the Moslem community center. The irony is similar. The DAR was supposed to be all about freedom, and the ADL is supposed to be about religious tolerance.

Just a reminder: The Al Queda attacked us. Not the Moslem religion.

Republican Congress: If you care about us and healing, please take the time you’ve spent opposing this Moslem community center and use it support the health care bill for the 9/11 rescue workers.

In honor of my post today I give you bridges. (The Brooklyn Bridge is in the foreground, the Manhattan bridge is in the background.)