More Good News About Middle Age

Okay, it’s a good news/bad news thing. As I posted earlier, I’m reading a book called The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain by Barbara Strauch. I’ve started the chapters about things you can do that are good for the brain, things that will help generate new brain cells, protect against the effects of Alzheimer’s, enhance cognitive function, etc.

She quotes scientist after scientist who basically say some form of this: “We know from all this research that there are a few good things for the brain—and one is exercise [but only after watching tv for five hours straight].”

(I made an editorial suggestion for that quote, take it or leave it science.)

The thing is, when you read the entire chapter it’s very convincing. That’s not the right word, because I didn’t need convincing. Inspiring? Because after reading about all the different studies in depth and about all the effects of exercise, you’ll want to exercise. Just 30 minutes a day. Walking counts.

Guys with machine guns heading into Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. (I don’t know where they were headed.)


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One thought on “More Good News About Middle Age

  1. Well, not sure if this qualifies for brain exercise, but I somehow outwitted an interesting bird last week, the smallest member of the falcon family – right in our Navy stadium parking lot. I did talk soothingly to her and talked her onto my arm and hand a few times. The story was leaked to the reporter by one of my coworkers who asked why my clothes were soaked with sweat at lunchtime (running around chasing this bird…). My bizarro comments to the reporter don’t show much “cognitive function”:

    Ya think those guys with the machine guns pay for their Starbucks?

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