Halloween Has Started

Every year there’s a party in the West Village for the kids, and all the stores give out candy. I asked one place if they’d gotten a lot of kids and the guy said, “We spent $50 to fill up this basket and we ran out in an hour! We had to go run out and get a lot more.”

This was Cynthia Rowley’s. They were getting a steady stream of children. (P.S. I want that dress in the window on the left.)


I guess there were horse rides earlier. These guys were hanging out on 11th Street. Pretty.


Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Has Started

  1. I think it’s awesome that businesses do this. After whoever-it-was ruined the whole idea of trick-or-treating all those years back by sticking pins in the apples, it’s nice to see it coming back and that families know they can go someplace to enjoy the tradition and be safe! Happy Halloween Stacy!

  2. I always had a great time on Halloween as a kid, and I’m sorry that people have had their back up against it for various reasons.

    Stacy, I think with the right witch’s costume (or perhaps ghost) you would have a big start on Halloween.

    The problem is that the relationship between you and Finney is such that I believe you were probably his familiar rather than the other way around.

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