My Friends are Smarter Than I Am

October 25th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Some friends of mine have a book coming out next month called Read This Next. It’s suggestions for great books you might have missed. These two people are the funniest people I know (I’m so jealous). They’re also doing this incredible and very funny thing to promote it. (I have to go scream now. Except I plan to copy them when my next book comes out, so thanks for the idea.)

They’ve invented these two twitter characters Barrington Hewcott and his talking vicuna, Caritas.  If you have a twitter account you can follow Barrington and Caritas (it only takes seconds to sign up on twitter if you don’t ).  I advise going to their twitter pages and reading the earlier tweets to get the whole back story. There’s not a lot, I swear, and it’s amazing what you can communicate in so few words (an entertaining lesson, really).

Also, our friend Marianne Petit made a bookfomercial which is hysterical and worth watching.

I took this the other day, when it was so gorgeous out even this ordinary view up Seventh Avenue was beautiful.


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