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I helped out my friends Howard Mittelmark and Sandra Newman at their book event last night. Two things. One, Sandy can really read. Normally I hate book readings, unless it’s someone like David Sedaris, who is a performer as much as a writer and he’s funny. Sandy is like that. Her delivery was perfection, and she is hysterically funny.

Two, their book Read This Next is also hysterically funny. They always crack me up, but I didn’t expect this book to be that funny. It’s a book of suggestions of what book to read next. How funny can you be about that? Very, apparently.

Three. Okay, there’s a three. Their suggestions are great. For instance, because of them I read O Pioneers. I’d never read it before and it’s one of my top ten favorite books now. They’re also very anxious for everyone to read True Grit, which they say is wonderful and nothing like the John Wayne move. I haven’t gotten to that yet.

Howard is the guy in the grey pants, and Sandy is the one sitting down with her back to us, alas. (I didn’t get an in-focus picture of her.)


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