Nothing on my calendar!

Which means I can write all day and night. Or, all day at least. Okay, maybe for a minute before I watch Buffy reruns until I pass out. No, shut up! Don’t do that!!

I am this close to giving up on our government. All of them. It’s just beyond insane. Not repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Come on. Is this how you want to be remembered by history? You do know you’re like the guys fighting until the bitter end to keep slavery? You are George Wallace standing in front the school house doors, preventing black children from entering. You threw things at the women marching around the country demanding the right to vote. And refusing to vote on the 9/11 health bill because giving tax breaks to those who are doing better than any of us is your priority? How did we get here? And where is your Christmas spirit??

I want every one of you to watch every version of A Christmas Carol repeatedly until you understand the message.

Light pretty. (I took this walking home from the library the other day.)


Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “Nothing on my calendar!

  1. Yeah, same thoughts here as well on the gov. fiasco. Sad. In London, apparently, a lot of young people seem to have gotten fed up — and took to the streets to riot. Some were heard yelling, “Off with their heads!” Don’t advocate rioting, but sure understand where the anger is coming from.

  2. Beautiful photo, Stacy.
    If anyone only has time for ONE version of A Christmas Carol this season, it should be the Alistair Sim one. And a NON-colorized version of it. But I hear The Muppett one is good, too…!

  3. I agree completely!! The Alistair Sim one. Although, I watched the Reginald Owen one last night and did you know that one of the Cratchit kids was played by June Lockhart, the future Mrs. Mother of Timmy from Lassie?? She’s absolutely recognizable too.

    Cara, I’ve been hearing about the kids in London, I have to read more.

  4. I believe they were yelling “off with their heads!” at Charles & Camilla whose Rolls Royce was caught in the middle of a roving band of protesters. Whatever one thinks of the Royal Family, I’m sure it was very frightening for the couple.

    And, embarrassed to say I do not know the name Reginald Owen. Will look him up.

  5. And the mother was her mother.

    Nora, no need to be embarrassed. It wasn’t the best version, but it had it’s charms.

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