I Already Miss the Dubois Family

SPOILER ALERT: Last night was the finale for the tv show Medium. I loved the Ghost and Mrs. Muir ending. It’s almost embarrassing how you come to care about tv characters, but I did love the Dubois family and it’s sad that I’ll never see another minute of them again. The show almost got too scary for me at times, but all the family scenes were just so real and endearing. Goodbye and thanks for a great show.

Anthony Hopkins’ face looming above … Park Avenue, I think it was. Imagine if this were your face. This was HUGE (I was very far away).


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9 thoughts on “I Already Miss the Dubois Family

  1. I hadn’t realized that Medium had been cancelled and so did not know that last night was the final show when I tuned in about 20 minutes after it had started. I was kind of confused… When did Ariel get pregnant and what were her parents going to say? And who was the teenager Allison was driving around in the car with (I don’t remember seeing the middle daughter last night… How did they portray her?) And when did Allison become a lawyer? I eventually caught on that it was a flash forward and when I watched the ending I actually sobbed. It was so beautiful. I, too, will miss the Dubois. And I am annoyed with anyone who didn’t watch the show and let the ratings slip.
    Oh, and by the way, David Cubitt is Canadian. Just had to say it.

  2. OK, so David Cubitt (Det. Lee Scanlon) was actually born in England but we still consider him Canadian.

  3. I was very sad to see that show end as well. I liked the twisting plots, the surprise endings…great writers! It couldn’t have been easy to take the subject matter and turn it into not only a well-plotted storyline but also portray the genuine caring of a family!

  4. Nora, ha! (About Cubitt, who I want to marry.)

    I am still in mourning. Why was this show cancelled??

  5. Did anyone notice how the closing of the show was handled-with the actors (in good spirits) saying something (goodbye ?) directly to the audience. There is a name for this in drama, when the actors leave character to speak to the audience.

    Seems like the idea was to temper the somewhat bittersweet ending.

  6. David, I did notice that. I loved getting a last glimpse of them, as themselves. But it was also mildly disappointing too, that they didn’t summon something more for their few seconds. But maybe you are right, maybe that was part of the point.

  7. I, too, will miss Medium. I cried throughout the whole episode, and especially hard when the actors themselves said good-bye to the audience. Its hard enough saying good bye to the Dubois’, but to say good-bye to the actors too was just too much! It was a bittersweet ending, and one I wont forget any time soon. I didnt even cry this hard when Friends and ER ended! With both of those, the fantasy world goes on, and we believers are left believing they are just doing the same things, only off camera. The ending of Medium took that fantasy away from us….but I guess since the Dubois’ are a real and true family, the fantasy doesnt really count and we can just wait for Patricia and the rest of the cast to do something new. Lets not let them fade into the background.

  8. Sigh. They all did such a good job. (All the actors on the show, not just the ones who played the Dubois family.)

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