I am so sick of Politics!

Non-stop coverage of what’s going on in science, for instance, would be a thousand, kabillion, trillion, katribillion, times more interesting. How did we get here? To deciding that 24 hour news coverage had to center on politics? And why isn’t there a 24 hour Cute Overload-like channel?

I’m going to work on A Sea Symphony now. Cleanse my palate, as it were. This is a picture of a side alley of St. Anthony’s in the snow.


Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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3 thoughts on “I am so sick of Politics!

  1. Agree! How about a 24-hour a day news cycle about cats and dogs? Now that would be interesting.

    I wish we would stop naming streets and buildings after politicians. I like the way they do it in France. Streets are named after poets and writers. Maybe symphony conductors, first-chair cello players. We could even have a Stacy Horn Street. (What about a Stacy, Finney, and Buddy Street?)

    Incidentally, I’m in a used book store the other day called Half Price Books which is a wonderful outfit that buys everything and sells it for half price. Unbelievable has three copies in the occult section.

    I remark excitedly, “Hey! I know the woman who wrote this book!”

    “Is it channeled?” asked the lady nearby.


    “You know, like Alice Bailey and Madam Blavatsky.”

    I quickly realize that I do not know if you receive royalties for books that are sold on the second-hand market. I smile: “Absolutely. It’s sort of channeled just like that.”

    She leaves with your book, a satisfied customer.

    (I bought your book new.)

  2. “St. Anthony’s in the Snow”… Is that like St. Martin in the Fields? Ha! I really love this photo with the statue of St. Anthony & Jesus beside bags of garbage or recycling. Touching in a way.

  3. Yes, I also thought there was something poignant about the statue and the garbage.

    Greg, I’m still laughing. That poor woman. And thank you. Twice.

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