New Animal Protection Bills

I recently got email announcing two animal protection bills that were recently passed in New York. From the email (and edited down):
Eliminating Animal Cruelty
Tethering an animal for a long period of time is not only cruel and unusual, but it’s also illegal now thanks to our new anti-tethering law (Intro. 425). Specifically, our new law prohibits anyone from chaining or otherwise tethering an animal outside for more than three straight hours during a twelve-hour period.
It also includes a number of other important protections, including a ban on the use of tethers that are too heavy and that can become entangled, and a requirement that tethered animals have access to food, shelter and water …
Encouraging Spaying & Neutering
Under our new spaying and neutering law (Intro. 328), the fee for licensing dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered will rise from $11.50 to $34.00.  
The additional $25.50 per license will be used to help support animal population control programs around the city.  The money will also be used to provide pet owner education, free and low-cost neutering, and other important veterinarian services to New Yorkers and their pets.

It’s icy out there. I can hear people scraping up the streets right now outside my window. I’m also experimenting with the “vignette” effect in Photo Studio.


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6 thoughts on “New Animal Protection Bills

  1. That’s great about the animal protection laws. This past year a new organization was formed here in Alabama to help voters know which politicians supported humane treatment for companion animals. I joined, and do a bit of behind-the-scenes volunteer work. We really need new laws here too!

  2. Oh, that is great that you do volunteer work. Thank you. And what a fantastic idea, publicizing how politicians are voting in this area.

  3. Thank GOD that had a happy ending. But they should not return that dog to that woman under any circumstances.

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