Cutest Dog Ever

I’m heading uptown for my monthly meditation meeting yesterday, and I come across this scene. Couldn’t you just die?? Just further proof how we were all wrong about pit bulls. Scroll down for a closer look.


This dog was so cute and so sweet I thought my head would explode. They were kissing!! But seriously, men in uniform, on horses, and one of the horses is kissing the cutest dog in the world—it’s amazing that I ever made it to my meeting.


Stacy Horn

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6 thoughts on “Cutest Dog Ever

  1. Actually those are the two cutest pictures in the world – really and truly squee inducing.

    Pit bulls are wonderful dogs; it’s the moronic owners who want to prove that they have (in the immortal words of Tom Wolf) big swinging dicks who need to be shot (or neutered) when they turn these dogs into something they were not meant to be.

  2. This is too much!! You were so lucky to see this up close… only in NYC! It’s just adorable! I keep thinking of the owner smiling. If that had been my dog kissing the horse I would have melted right then and there. I love this! Is the owner giving you his email address so that you could email him the photo?! I bet he would love to have it! Unless of course the horsie-doggie love is an ongoing thing and he has hundreds ha ha! Great post Stacy (I also love the new banner and the cat-butler occupation!).

  3. That is exactly what was happening, the owner was writing her email address! It is an on-going thing, and the police knew her and her dog well. They always see each other and let the dog and horse visit. But she never had decent photos. I wish mine had come out better.

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