Finney is Waiting for the Kiss

Yes, I’ve been watching the wedding. I’ve got coffee and strawberries, and we’ve (the cats and me) been relaxing and enjoying the spectacle. Alright, not Buddy. Apparently he couldn’t care less. Not this thing.

Love the Grace Kelly-like dress, Kate is wonderfully serene, and William so happy. I wish I had a program, I’d love to know what hymns were sung. One of them sounded a little like Ralph Vaughan Williams, I liked it whatever it was. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a track list later.

AH. Here they are. Well. That was the briefest possible kiss. I think Finney might cry. Oh, they just kissed again. Uh-oh. Air strike. Don’t bomb the newlyweds!! Well, that was fun. Is that it? I’m sorry it’s over!

I guess it’s back to work. Or not.

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Finney is Waiting for the Kiss

  1. Thank you! Nora sent me a link too. I think the piece I liked best was the one by Paul Mealor, but I can’t find a recording to confirm.

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