Live Blogging God Disappointing the Faithful. Again.

8:36AM. This thing is already a bust! I’m terrible in geography, but isn’t it already past 6pm in Australia, New Zealand and China (and lots of other places if only I could pick them out on a map)?

<—This is Buddy sweetly trying to assure the faithful that God still loves them even though he didn’t take them and murder the rest of us.

10:37AM. I have just been reminded that today is the Dance Parade.  I think I will go watch that instead of going to the library.

6:06PM. Still here!!  I went to the Dance Parade AND the library. Two libraries, actually, but I didn’t make it to the second in time, it was closed.

I have 16,000 pictures of people dancing. I’m going to try to narrow it down to three.

How is everyone?  Anyone … disappear?

7:29PM. Still going through dance pictures.

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6 thoughts on “Live Blogging God Disappointing the Faithful. Again.

  1. The other day one person pointed out to me that there has been a huge rash of apocalyptic visions lately: the Mayan calendar thing, the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ thing, and now this aborted Tribulation that appears to be having trouble getting off the ground.

    And the girl down at the health food store just said, “The world is destroyed every night when you go to sleep.”

    Please thank Buddy for me for trying to comfort us in our hour of need.

  2. I bought 2 books today that I will not finish reading by 6 pm today. I suppose that makes me an optimist!

  3. Still OK up here in Ottawa. Damn. I guess I WILL have to cut the lawn tomorrow.

  4. Greg, I love that girl at the health food store!

    Nora, ha. I say we take tomorrow off and celebrate the fact that we didn’t die in some horrible apocalypse that the “good” people predicted for us.

  5. Greensboro is still here and I’m going on a house and garden tour tomorrow in our oldest planned neighborhood, so I’m pleased that the Rapture was put off for a while. Trying to get some ideas for my small garden, but I think I’ve crammed everything in that I can cram in.

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