I went swimming!

I was so intimidated, the whole process felt daunting: buying a lock, how cold was the water going to be, wearing a stupid bathing cap, was everyone going to be faster swimmers and I’d hold them up and annoy them, and when I did this once a few years ago I remember getting out of breath right away—was I going to swim half a lap and then feel like I was going to die and get all discouraged??

Sure enough, after only one lap I was exhausted. The life guard recommended swimming a lap, resting, swiming a lap, resting, etc., and after a few weeks I’d build up my stamina. So that’s what I did and after only 20 minutes I could do two laps at a time!

I swam 14 laps, which I calculated to be equivalent of 6 laps in an olympic-size pool. NOT BAD. I’ve only gone swimming one other time in the past in 35 years.

This pool is closing shortly for the summer however, and then the outdoor one will open, which is open to the public. It will be way more crowded and I don’t know how swimming laps will work. But I felt so wonderful and elated walking home after. I’m leaving in a few minutes to go swimming again.

My friend Chris has rescued another kitten. We’re now discussing trap and release for the mothers. But look at this new little guy!! A picture of the two of them together follows. Thank you Chris, protector of feral kittens!!

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3 thoughts on “I went swimming!

  1. Yeah, I just don’t know if the designated lap times will continue when we move to the public pool outside, they haven’t posted anything about it yet, and the few people I’ve asked don’t know. Hopefully they will in some form or another.

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