Swimming in the Sunlight

INSANE. I went swimming in the outdoor pool yesterday and it was chaos! No lanes blocked off for lap swimming, kids all over the place who were completely oblivious to those around them, which is fine, I remember being a kid in a pool. But I basically had to zig zag around them, and still they kept crashing into me. The solution is to go at kid-adverse hours, which is whenever the pool opens, 7am-ish? Ugh. I loved swimming outside though, the inside pool seems so dreary in comparison.

This was the line for the evening hours (4 – 7pm, I think). It looks like there might be more kids waiting to get into the pool than could comfortably fit. I wonder if there’s a time limit or something? Okay, this is a downside to city life, the lack of swimming options. I feel bad that there isn’t a giant pool for these kids or more pools, or something.

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “Swimming in the Sunlight

  1. I hope you shower as soon as you get home every time. I always feel a little nervous about the sanitarity of those City pools. (Yes, made up word. I like made up words.)

  2. Dan: Great. Something ELSE for Stacy (and the rest of us) to be afraid of. (see Stacy’s previous post). Thanks 🙂

  3. Oh God, I do shower and I try very very hard not to think about what I am swimming in. Because inevitably … GROSS ALERT: I get water in my mouth.

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