Watching the Fireworks

July 5th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I agonized about where to watch the fireworks, down on the river or up on my roof? There was a nice vibe down on the river. I overheard the tiniest bit of the conversation pictured here and what I picked up was: the guy on the right has been out of town for a while and was very very very happy to be back. He was comparing the cops in NYC to the cops in whatever place he was, and they were all enjoying the comparison and each other’s company and it was very sweet. But …

… I went for the roof. Every year I take pictures of the fireworks and every year they don’t come out. I figured I’d only subject you to one mediocre picture of fireworks, and …

… one picture of the Empire State Building. Those are not clouds but smoke from the fireworks.

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