Echo Status Report

Update: It looks like we’ve worked out most of the kinks with mail. Now we just have to get Echo the conferencing system working and we’re a little farther along. A tiny bit.

I’m exhausted and stressed and I’m trying to remain positive but it’s hard. I had a goal to reach with my book that had to be abandoned. That may end up being for the best, you never know.

Tomorrow is the Oscars, which I love watching so much it’s RIDICULOUS. I’m also doing a Skype interview with a group who read my singing book, and what could be better than people who read your book and want to talk to you??

A shot of Times Square on my way home the other day. There’s a certain beauty to tackiness.

Times SquareEc

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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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4 thoughts on “Echo Status Report

  1. It is my guilty pleasure to watch the Academy Awards too. I even watched the Golden Globes this year.

    I finally bought ‘Imperfect Harmony’! It came in the mail with Anthony Appiah’s ‘Ethics of Identity’ and now I have a stack of books to read, oh my. Yours may have to wait for a while but I will get to it eventually. I still haven’t cracked Charles Taylor’s ‘Sources of the Self’ either. All this reading piling up for the fall, even though I still haven’t had an acceptance. 🙁 The waiting is an agony.

  2. Thank you buying my book! I also have a stack of books to read, so I understand and respect my book’s position in your stack. I’m just thrilled to be there at all.

  3. What’s the latest?

    I still can’t get on. Warned about man in the middle attack
    and told to add correct key to known hosts file.

    Then I get dumped.

  4. Hi! Echo isn’t really back yet, if you login it’s going to look like 2014. But you’re welcome to login.

    When you ssh in for the first time, you’re going to see a warning (which you’ve seen). Some people can just ignore it and say ‘yes’ to the question. All people using Apple computers are going to need to type: rm .ssh/known_hosts and then ssh again. Then you will see that warning and you’ll type ‘yes’.

    You might find that you’re unable respond in items, but there’s an easy fix! Just let me know and I will fix it.

    I’m going to email this to you as well.

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