Less Melty! Supposedly!

Before I forget, Nora sent me this really funny cat video. I’ve watched it several times, I laugh every time.

And before I forget this, Richard Dawkins, still kinda a dick. I had a link to a site explaining why I said that but it’s broken now. Oh, here’s another one.

So yeah, it’s supposed to be less hot today. I’m a little sorry I didn’t go to dance with Where the Hell is Matt? but Rav did! (I seem to be all about links today.)

This is something I almost never see—Finney and Buddy curled up together. Kinda. I wish they loved each other as much a Veets and Beams did, and they get along ago okay, but they’re not close. In fact, Buddy’s eyes seem to say, “You didn’t just curl up behind me, did you? Now I have to move.” Which he did, shortly after.

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