Post Traumatic Heat Disorder

It’s 72 as I type this and I’m in such a good mood just for that. My window is wide open, the fan is blowing a nice cool breeze, and could life get better?? Plus, thanks to my friend Jackie I’ve discovered Fage yogurt. I’ve always hated yogurt, it tastes like sour milk to me, but not this stuff. I love a healthy thing to eat!

And now I have the whole day free to write, write, write. I’m working on a section about a composer named Robert Nathaniel Dett. I’m about to dig into what I got at the library yesterday. Bliss.

I shot this walking into the library. I do not want these guy’s job.

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9 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Heat Disorder

  1. R. Nathaniel Dett: another Canadian (As I’ve mentioned before, Canadians LOVE to point out just who is Canadian.)

  2. I have absolutely become obsessed with this heat down here in NC. I talk about it at work, at home, on my blog. I can’t think of anything I hate as much as this heat.

    Well, yeah, I can. Republicans, but we were talking about the heat.

  3. Ha, yes! This guy was born in Drummondville.

    Karen, I so can’t take the heat. Hate it hate it hate it. And certain republicans, (a lot of them right now). But not all of course, a lot of republicans in my family.

  4. Hi Nadine, from Nora in Kanata!
    Stacy: make sure you mention it’s the Drummondville that WAS in Ontario and NOT the Drummondville that IS in Quebec. Us Canadians are sticklers.

  5. I love that they sang one of this composer’s song as Barack Obama’s inauguration parade went by.

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