Rescued Pigeon Update

The NYC Pigeon Rescue people never got my first message, because they called back very quickly after I called them a second time. I now have an appointment tomorrow at the Wild Bird Fund to set his leg. The problem is, I have to take him home and rehabilitate him myself. They don’t have any room right now. Mother of god.

Both the Pigeon Rescue guy and the Wild Bird Fund guy carefully explained how to soften puppy chow and hand feed him, which I just tried.

My pants are now soaking in the sink in some Woolite, the feathers and soggy puppy chow is mostly cleaned up, and when I have more money I’ll have to call the rug cleaning guy, but I think I managed to get 3 or 4 pieces inside him! Unfortunately the guy said to shoot for 10, so I will have to try again in a couple of hours. I learned a lot though, I think I will do better.

The pigeon rescue guy asked me some questions about about my pigeon’s appearance (notice I said “my”) and he told me he’s actually very young. That’s puppy chow in the back. I thought I’d leave a few pieces for him in case he developed a taste for it.

Rescue Pigeon After Feeding

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4 thoughts on “Rescued Pigeon Update

  1. Bless your heart Stacy! I rescued a pigeon with an injured wing from my back yard many years ago. After xrays by my vet, it was obvious that she’d never be able to fly again so I brought her home, bought a very large cage, and she lived happily (I think) with me and my two cats for almost 10 years! “Midge” was the sweetest little being and to show her appreciation for the attention and affection she received, she’d lay two eggs every month or so! How do Buddy and Finney feel about their new roomie? I’ll be anxious to hear your update tomorrow about his appointment.

  2. Oh, so sorry about the pigeon leg — that was what I was afraid of! BUT it can be healed. Might never be 100%, but still…

    Your posts are making me nostalgic for the doves I raised. They were fascinating…but so very gentle when held.

    Sending good thoughts for your appointment tomorrow. And like Mavis, I’m wondering how the kitties are taking this development!

  3. The cats are completely unaware of the bird’s existence, thank god.

    Mavis, I was thinking it wouldn’t be possible to keep the bird. And I wouldn’t do it if it can be healed enough, but if it can’t I’d love to. Your cats didn’t go after the cage?

  4. Cara, I love handling the pigeon but the second time I just upset it and I feel bad.

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