What is the fastest way to move cats in an emergency?

Buddy and Finney
During the earthquake yesterday, I looked over at one of the cats and realized immediately I had no way to get two cats out of the apartment quickly.

If they were near each other, maybe I could throw a blanket over the two of them and wrap them up and run, but they they almost always flee in opposite directions. (Unless I’m feeding them, their default position is to foil my plans.)

What is the best solution?? Is there a good solution? I’d feel better if I could come up with something.

I’d need something to fit two cats, something that I can lift, and carry down four flights of stairs, and it should probably be on wheels for when I get downstairs. Ugh. Maybe a big thing and a wagon. I wish I could store the wagon under the stairs on the first floor, and then my only issue would be getting them downstairs.

Oh, I am SO getting a chihuahua next.

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4 thoughts on “What is the fastest way to move cats in an emergency?

  1. Other than saying to them- Please stay in the apartment and don’t run outside’?

    I would be tempted to look at a solution utilising a backpack so moving down stairs is easier, some kind of closable container that lets them breathe (obviously) that fits in a backpack or can be strapped onto your back. Some air travel carry on bags/rucksacks have both back straps and wheels and would be roomy enough for two cats in such an emergency. Just need to make air holes/vents in the material.

  2. I hadn’t given this much thought and I have three cats to deal with.

    You know that a pillowcase would make a good temporary carryall. I’ve had to use one in an emergency situation with an injured cat when I didn’t have a container nearby.

    I always figured I would have enough time to corral everyone, stick them in their respective carrier and put them in the minivan.

  3. A dog carrier would be my 1st thought, one of the larger ones. Put one in, then catch the other one and put that one in. I know, easier said than done, and it’ll be uncomfortable for the cats, but I’m assuming there’s no time to be gentle about it.

  4. Karen, I think I tried a pillow case when there was a fire in my building and I couldn’t get the cat in the pillow case.

    I think the dog carrier is totally the way to go. Great idea, thanks!!

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